Global Centre of Development Excellence

We are the Visionaries of Impact in the Tech World and Beyond.

Our Story

We identify ourselves as a Global Center of development excellence aka G-CODE. Rooted in our commitment to reshaping industries, we've set forth on a transformative journey guided by a set of powerful impact goals:

Leading the Tech Revolution: We don't just keep up with emerging technologies – we lead the charge. At xloop, we're driven to be at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new skill sets that shape industries and define the future.

Greening Our Path: We're not just building the future; we're safeguarding it. By December 2024, xloop will achieve carbon neutrality, setting a resolute example of how technology and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Empowering Global Visionaries: The world is brimming with untapped talent, and we're on a mission to empower potential engineers from underrepresented corners of the globe, fostering a diverse community that propels progress.

Teams United by Inclusion: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the cornerstones of our teams. We build large, professional squads guided by these principles, where every voice matters and innovation knows no bounds.

Our Vision

Empowering global innovation through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, xloop envisions a world transformed by technology where every individual and community thrive. We are committed to becoming the beacon of Impact-driven Digital Engineering and Consulting, fostering positive change, achieving sustainability, and igniting progress worldwide

Meet Our Exceptional Management Team

Mir Nasir

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Abbasi

VP Global Pre Sales & Client Engagement

Masaf Dawood

VP Solutions & Customer Success

Novette Kanaria

Chief Human Resource Officer


Regional Head - Business Development - MENA

Muhammad Omer

Regional General Manager - APAC

Usman Khalid

Director Program Management

Team Leaders

Abdul Wasey

Cloud Engineer & Training Manager

Adil Rao

Data Engineering Team Lead & Training Manager

Usama Bin Ejaz

Data Engineering Team Lead & Training Manager

Syed Saad

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Strategic Partnerships: Powered by Industry Leaders

Our Values


We understand that every project is more than just code – it's about solving real challenges for real people. We put ourselves in your shoes to create solutions that truly resonate with your needs and emotions.


We're committed to forging lasting partnerships. Your success is our success, and we stand by your side through every stage of your journey, consistently delivering results that inspire trust and confidence.

Customer Excellence

Our relentless pursuit of excellence is centered around you. We're driven to exceed your expectations, providing not just a solution, but a seamless experience that leaves you empowered and satisfied.

Professional Integrity

Honesty and transparency are at the core of everything we do. We adhere unwaveringly to ethical standards, ensuring that our work is characterized by honesty, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to quality.


In the ever-evolving tech landscape, adaptability is key. We embrace change, responding swiftly to shifts and challenges, ensuring your projects stay on the cutting edge and remain aligned with your goals.


Our work is fueled by an unyielding passion for technology and innovation. This fervor drives us to constantly explore new frontiers, pushing boundaries and turning ideas into solutions that ignite excitement and drive progress

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