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Your business's distinctive essence sets you apart in the market. Elevate that distinctiveness with our tailor-developed applications, propelling your unique advantages to new heights.

Cloud & Hyperscaling Services

Unlock the potential of cloud technology with our expertise. We harness the power of hyperscalers to drive your business into the digital future, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and innovation.

Data Management Platforms

We help businesses craft strategic data management and analytics blueprints, strategically positioning them ahead in the race against competitors.


Unleash process optimization, turbocharge efficiency, and achieve unparalleled excellence through our precision-engineered Quality Assurance and Robotic Process Automation services.

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Seamlessly extend your team with hand-picked software development experts. Scale your capacity without the hassle of recruitment and training. Achieve efficiency, productivity, and success in your projects.


The dynamic team combination is the perfect solution to ignite your innovative project. With a blend of visionary strategists, creative designers, and agile developers, we provide essential ingredients to kick-start your ground breaking venture.


xLoop’s co-creation based design solutions, dedicated to fulfilling your branding and design needs. With a collaborative approach, we work hand-in-hand with you to craft captivating visuals and compelling brand experience that are tailored exclusively for you.


Introducing M+1 Engineering, the pioneer solution dedicated to training individuals on cutting-edge technologies i.e. A.I. & Data Science. Unlock the potential of innovation as we equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in transformative projects.

Empower your business with impact-driven digital engineering and consulting solutions for rapid, scalable growth


faster project initiation


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What our clients say

FitLynk used a few third-party development companies while building our product, and while we could find many companies with good developers, what sets Xloop apart from everyone else is the quality of the final product and the strong project management that they have. This allowed us to have much fewer revisions and reach the final targeted products on time. In the end, we decided to limit the third-party projects to Xloop.


Exceptional Service and Commitments Extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by Xloop Digital. Their deep project understanding, timely delivery, and professional approach have exceeded our expectations at Skillforte. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.


Exploring Our Partners' Journey to Success
Case studies

Empowering Fitness

The RunMate app pioneers a holistic ecosystem for trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Harnessing PHP Core, MYSQL, and Amazon AWS, it's a free-tier marvel echoing C25K's success. "Move to earn" defines its core.

Nourishing Wellness

Unveiling DietApp, the ultimate tool for planning and tracking daily nutrition. Seamlessly crafting meal plans, it ushers in achievable health milestones. Bridging the gap to healthy eating, it's a user-centric, goal-driven gem

Elevating Deliveries

Unveiling a breakthrough courier tracking system. Fusing cutting-edge mapping tech, it ushers real-time courier tracking into a new era. Empowering officers with holistic delivery insights and live courier locations, it's a game-changer. Operational refinement, superior customer journeys, and heightened efficiency seamlessly converge through this innovation.

Payment Integration

Uniting a pioneering payment service provider in Pakistan, with a bespoke desktop application. Engineered with C# and ASP.NET MVC, this integration revolutionized a courier company's retail management. Real-time tracking, fluid payments, and heightened efficiency converged, fostering customer delight and unwavering loyalty

Timeline Visualization

Crafted with React JS, this dynamic solution empowered users to forge interactive timelines. Seamlessly adding, editing, and removing events, it offered an intuitive interface for displaying chronological data. Harnessing React JS's agility, it ensured rapid responsiveness, transforming data into a compelling visual journey.